Catch up :)

Hey peeps! 🙂

Wow. So much has happened since the last time I was here. First of all I graduated high school almost two weeks ago! Time is flying by!! I turn 18 tomorrow, which is absolutely crazy! The world might say I am an adult, but it is going to take a few days for that to sink in.

Photography wise, I have been up and down. It is on the up right now. College in two months might change that, but we’ll see. All the flowers are blooming in our garden and I am so excited. Flowers make me so happy.

I have been slightly distracted by all the bad things happening in the world right now. My beloved singer Christina Grimmie was shot, the Orlando shooting, and some other things just has made me so sad. Pray for the world. There are so many crazy people out there. Killing is NEVER the answer. Period.

I hope you all are doing okay. I’m sorry I have not posted. I miss everyone on this part of the internet. I will try my best to keep up to date on here. 🙂 Life happens ya know.

~Ana ❤



Thursday/ Personal

Just another rainy Thursday. My heart is so calm tonight and I felt like blogging this evening. My window is open and the rain is peacefully falling from the dark sky. I had a graduation meeting earlier today and it feels so much closer. The destination is drawing near and the clock isn’t stopping. This is it. These are the months that count.


Even if you aren’t graduating this year, I want you to know that senior year will be here quicker than you think. Now I am not trying to scare you, but cherish your life. Take time and make memories. Go for a long walk, travel to a place you have never been before. Do things you can look back on and can be proud of. 🙂

The picture above wasn’t planned on being featured, but looking at it now I realize how symbolic it is to the subject of this post. No matter how stressful life gets; school, work, make sure you stop once in a while and breathe. This is your life. Live it how you want.

I hope you all didn’t have too much of a stressful week. Tomorrow is Friday! Yay!

Love you all ❤


Sounds of Spring

This evening took me back to my childhood. The warm weather, cool breeze, and the song of the mourning dove call softly in the background. Fun fact: I used to live in the country when I was small. Listening to the cars on the road and watching the sun set was the most peaceful setting ever. More and more do I want to go back to that time in my life. Relive some of those vivid memories in my head. Being a senior in high school feels like you are between two things: your youth and adulthood. Both of them flicker inside my head like a light switch. My heart is in the past at the moment though. The memories are burning as bright as a candle. The image is so clear and calming. Times like this I am not worried about anything. My mind is completely at peace. I know it won’t stay like that forever, but for now I am content.

bw flower2

The sounds of Spring. The robins are back in my little corner of the world and it makes my heart so happy. They are quite annoying early in the morning, but their song invites Spring into our lives. A sort of awakening for us. Also the mourning doves. I love them. Their call is a memory for me. Whenever I hear their low but beautiful song, I can’t help but think of my childhood. We used to have so many of them around our house all the time. Being an only child you could say they were my companions. It is the little things that make life so magical.

Sorry for this random rant you could call it, but this evening really spoke to me and reminded me how fast time goes by.

Hello / Personal

Hi Everyone!

I am sitting on my couch at the moment waiting for my favorite show “When Calls the Heart” to come on and I felt like blogging while I wait. It is finally getting warmer and I am so excited! Spring is my favorite time of year for many reasons. I am in this Christian play every year called “He’s Alive” to start off the Easter season, shopping for Spring clothes like sun dresses for example 😉 I happen to like those a lot. The sun and going outside without a winter coat. I live in an area where winter lingers way to long so when warm weather comes around, I take advantage of it.


What are your favorite parts of Spring? I love the flowers. Like the ones above. These flowers were almost as tall as me. They are just another example of our Lords beautiful world that He made for us.

I hope you all are doing well! Tomorrow is Monday, but you can get through this. I know it. Even if you need multiple cups of coffee, you can do it. 😉

“Negativity out, positivity in”

Friday Favorites

Hello again!! Happy Friday to you all!! I hope you all are doing alright!

So update since I last blogged. This week was kind of rough not gonna lie. Had some issues that I needed to take care of, but it is all okay now thanks to my friends. They helped me see that I was going to be okay. Currently it is 34 degrees and snowing. It is the kind of snow that grips the trees but melts on the road. I have about two sips left of coffee in my mug and Bon Iver softly playing in the background. It is has been a very peaceful morning.


So on to the real reason I am blogging today. 😉 Friday Favorites!! I am going to share some of my new obsessions with you.

Health: Coconut Oil.

I know what you’re thinking. What could possibly be amazing about coconut oil? Surprisingly, it is good for your hair. I use it as a hair mask. A hair mask is a treatment you use before you wash it like you would normally do. Now I have an itchy scalp so I mainly use it on the top of my head, but if your ends are bad then by all means use it on them! If you keep the oil on your head for about 15 mins before you wash it, your hair will thank you.

Reminder: Make sure you wash it all the way out. If you don’t your hair will look oily when you come out of the shower. Washing your hair twice will do the trick.

Blogs :

My friend Campbell has recently started a fashion blog on wordpress and I wanted to give her a shoutout because she is my favorite. Not only does she have amazing fashion sense, she is the kindest person to grace this earth. Please check her out! It is so worth your time.

Food: K cups

If you are a coffee addict like I am then you will know what I am talking about. We all love the smell of coffee in the morning, right? Some of you might like a strong roast in the morning, but I am more of a light coffee kind of gal. If you like something light, but still a little strong then I highly recommend trying the Starbucks Veranda blend. It is light, yet has a strong aroma when it brews. Ah it is heavenly. K cups are expensive though, so what I tried was getting a re-usable k cup pod. You can put actual coffee gounds in it and make coffee that way if buying k-cups gets tiring.

I hope you liked this post! If you did give it a like! Have any Friday Favorites? Comment down below! I would love to hear them! Have a blessed weekend everyone ❤


Take your time/Personal

Hey everyone! Blogging day number 2 🙂


Golden hour photo^^

It is currently 34 degrees and snowing in my little corner of the world. It is the kind of snow that falls softly onto the ground and could melt on your tongue. I am thanking the Lord this morning because I spilled coffee pretty much all over my computer and it is still letting me type! I  have school to do and church to go to this evening so I have quite a busy day ahead of me.

The reason I am blogging this morning is because I wanted to simply share my thoughts before my mind wandered to other things, which happens very easily these days. 😉

This is my last year in high school. I only have four more months to say I am a senior. Kind of scary isn’t it? Knowing that there are big things coming your way later and you have to make so many decisions. Becoming an adult is the most frightening/exciting time in a young 17 year old girls life. All my friends are excited for me, but I am still a little weary. Probably because I still act like a 5 year old and will jump in a bouncy house if there are any in sight. 😉

That comes to my next point. Growing up. Society tells us to go to college, get a job, get married and have this do that. This is the time when listening to your heart is key. You know it better than anyone else. If you like long hair but the ‘style’ is short hair, grow it out as much as you want. It is ok to be different! 10000% ok. We are all unique. Why should we all be the same? Where is the fun in that? Take all the time you need to figure your life out. It is okay to do that.

My first three years of high school was, to be honest, the most stressful years of my life. Why? Because I had no idea what I was doing. I went through so many career choices that my family thought I was truly crazy. At the time I was so lost and confused. I had no idea what my future was going to be, but now I do. Knowing what you are going to do in college after three years of stressing out, let’s just say it is a wonderful feeling.

The point of this post is simply: take your time! Don’t rush to grow up just because everyone else is. Don’t get into the boat if you are not ready. Life was not meant to be a race. As they say, “the turtle won and the hare lost” because rushing and getting ahead isn’t always the best.

I love you all! Have a wonderful day!! ❤


Wow long time no see

Oh my goodness gracious. It has been soooo long since my last post!!! I was shocked to see when I logged in that I had almost 60 followers! That is crazy! I don’t deserve any of you. ❤

So as you can see I am back blogging again! It is so good to be back. So much has happened since I have been away. For starters I bought myself that dslr I have been dreaming of getting for ages. I also have two lenses for it now too. Even though I stopped blogging for a time my photography has not. I have been taking so many photos since my latest purchase. I can’t wait to share them with you all!!

Enough about me. How have you all been? How is your 2016 going so far? Anything exciting happen lately? I have missed seeing all your posts. I can’t wait to see what you guys are up too again!! I hope you guys have an amazing day!!

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset



Mothers Day <3

     Mothers Day. A whole day dedicated to all the wonderful Mothers we have in this world. It is also the week you see all the husbands and kids out shopping for something special for the women in their lives. 😉 In my case, however, I was the one shopping for a great gift for my mother. My mom is the one who keeps everything in our house running. She has been doing that ever since my Dad passed away in 2003. This year, I really wanted to get her something she can enjoy for a long time. She deserves it.

My Mom isn’t a coffee drinker, but she loves tea and hot chocolate and every time we go to the store she walks by the Keruig machines. For months now, she has been saying how we should get a Keruig coffee maker. I knew what I had to do. As some of you know, I have been saving for a DSLR camera and I almost had enough, until I bought my mother a Keruig for Mothers Day.

I never took into account how much my Mom does everyday to keep a roof over our heads until I did all the house work for her these past couple of days. Why should she have to do all that by herself? That is when God told me to put my selfish desires aside and spend some of my savings on my Mom. I love my Mom so much and I would always spend money on her first before myself. I only have one Mom and the DSLR can wait. I just hope she loves it as much as I love her.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and Mothers Day! ❤

How to: Live and be happy

I was very surprised to see I still had followers when I logged into WordPress this morning since I have had a long absence from the blogging world. My world has been turned upside down since the last time I was here. College planning, test taking and job seeking is what I have been doing for the past couple of months. Let’s just say my coffee addiction has gone up with my hectic schedule.

So I decided to take some time this morning to not just do the ‘check in and run, see you in a few months’ type thing. I have been doing some soul searching as well as figuring out what I really want to do in  my life. People have been telling me what I should do in my life so much that my opinion feels lost in the fog of the future. Correction, MY future.

What is my future? How do I make my dreams a reality? Better still, what are my dreams? Sometimes we as people seem to know exactly what we want in life, completely confident that it will all work out. We make plans, we set goals, then life decides to take a sharp left turn into a world you didn’t know existed.  Now what?

I have been observing this world that I live in and I keep coming to the same conclusion. People are walking farther and farther away from God. Either they don’t believe in Him in the first place or they do believe, but push him away. God is still here. He is watching us every day of our lives. Of course, life doesn’t go the way WE planned sometimes, but if your plans do take that sharp, left turn, it was meant to be.


Have a wonderful day everyone. 🙂 It’s good to be back.

Where have I been?

Well. Long time no post. I could ramble on the many excuses for my absence, but I won’t trouble you with that. The one reason I have been gone so long is because WordPress logged me out of my account and deleted my password. They said it was for ‘safety reasons’ Anyway, I realized this morning that I hadn’t reset my password yet. So I made that a priority today.

It is good to be back. So many things going on in my life these past few months. The hope of Spring is finally upon us, I think. The dreadful cold, wet weather has melted away and we have had the pleasure of the sun this whole past week. I am loving it.


What has everyone been up too? How are you all? I hope your well. I will be posting more often now that the password issue is taken care of. Hopefully, that never happens again.




Thought I’d post some of the photos I have taken lately. Have a wonderful week and I can’t wait to catch up on all I’d missed.

~Ana Clare